Binary Options Guide

For people who indulge in binary options trading, it is extremely important for them to be aware of various strategies that they can use so that they can earn the most out of their trades and bets. It is important for the customers to be able to understand the support and resistance levels, which are technical terms of describing when the prices of the stocks or the options being traded are going to go up or down, depending upon the support or the resistance that they are facing respectively. It has to be noted that the asset’s prices usually do not fall below the support and rise above the resistance. This concept can result in the customers being able to predict whether a particular stock or product is going to increase or decrease in value over a certain time period.

What are Support and Resistance?

Support can be depicted as the lowest level or the price floors, while resistance can be depicted as the highest level or the price ceiling. Every asset has these floors and ceilings that make them very difficult to either drop below a certain price or to rise above to a certain price. At, you can learn more about these terms and why they are important.

Why Are They Important?

Both support and resistance are important factors to consider for customers who want to deal in binary options trading. They show the customers which direction a stock or an asset is likely to go towards and this allows them to place calculated bets. Some of the things that you can learn at includes the fact that if the supply of an asset is much more than the demand, it is likely that the prices of the asset are going to go down in the future. This is because there would be more of the asset in the market and not enough buyers. Conversely, if the demand is much more than the supply, the price is going to go higher.

How Can Customer Know the Support and Resistance Levels?

At, you can learn how to identify support and resistance levels using various tactics. The most important way to look at them is to consider the peaks and valleys that appear in their historic charts. This would show areas that the asset had tried to reach either upwards for the resistance or downwards for the support. Other than that, we find that the support or resistance levels can also be defined as the two or three points of contact that are there on either the support or the resistance level. When customers are able to identify these levels, they can maximize their profits by making educated guesses as to their bets.

In conclusion, it can be said that knowing the support and resistance levels for the assets can help the customers place the bets more safely for their binary options trading. For more information about these, please see the details at